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Why People Love PawPrintsID


"I got my dog back before I knew he was gone"

"I was skeptical of PawPrintsID when my wife purchased a tag for our dog. A few days later, I received a PawPrintsID text message from my neighbor that they had my dog. I rolled my eyes as our dog never gets loose and looked for our dog in the house. To my shock, our dog was gone. I sheepishly texted my neighbor that I’d be right down to retrieve our dog. I was struck by the fact that I had gotten my dog back before I had even knew he was gone!"

- Jerry from Indiana

"The medical records are invaluable"

Our dog Beatrice got loose when the kids left our fence gate open. She ran out into the street blocks from out house and was hit by a car. The driver scooped her up and took her to a nearby vet who scanned Beatrice’s tag to contact us. They couldn't believe they could review her medical records just from scanning her tag. They saved her life and now sell PawPrintsID tags. Best $40 we ever spent!

— Diane from Ohio

"No monthly or yearly fee!"

When we got our dog Ajax, our vet recommended a PawPrintsID tag and a microchip to keep him safe. He went through all the features and when he said it had not monthly or yearly fee we couldn't believe it!

— Bill from Kentucky

"It’s an essential for every pet owner!"

"Being hesitant on the idea of micro-chipping, we’ve always resorted to the simple tag with name and number. As soon as I read all that PawPrintsID had to offer, I was sold. Thankfully, we have yet to use the capabilities of our PawPrintsID, but it has faithfully hung around Bear’s neck ever since it was purchased. Unlike his basic tag, the PawPrintsID is still readable and scannable. It’s also not heavy like many other tags. My favorite feature is that if the ID is scanned, I’ll receive a Google map with Bear’s location. No other tag can provide that level of comfort. I’m always showing off Bear’s and have even had a friend scan his ID to show her how incredible it is. I truly believe it’s an essential for every pet owner!"

- Janell from Michigan

"Perfect for older dogs"

My dog Milly is an older dog with some health problems. I take comfort in knowing that if she got loose, whoever scans her tag will know what her needs are. They will know how to help her until we can get her back. This is perfect for older dogs.

— Phyllis from Virginia

"It is great to know that someone will be able to contact my family"

"I love our PawPrints ID tag because Riley is an older dog who has some health issues, and if she were to get out, it is great to know that someone will be able to contact my family to let us know where she is so that we can come retrieve her. I had a bit of a scare a year or so ago, and someone had scanned Riley's tag. I learned that she was found near our house because I received an email from you letting me know that her tag had been scanned. I was not aware that she was out. I learned from someone that they had not seen the PawPrints, and they scanned her tag to try to learn more about it; she was in the yard with my mother the entire time. The people said that they were considering getting this for their dog, but I do not know if they did; they were visiting from out of state, and they really loved the idea of having a tag with access to help their pets should they get lost."

- Beth from Indiana

"PawPrintsID is all about peace of mind."

"PawPrintsID is all about peace of mind. We have a rambunctious all-male 2 year old black lab. We typically have no problem with him playing in our yard and being fairly content but on a few occasions (usually when it's a blizzard or torrential rains) he darts out into the night in search of a playmate or adventure! It's these times that we have don't feel panic in our hearts because we know we have PawPrintsID. We'll see Jack again soon! And, hopefully we won't see any black lab mix puppies in the neighborhood! ;) "

- Shelly from Michigan