How much is a PawPrintsID Tag?

Each PawPrintsID Tag is $39.95.

Is there a monthly or annual fee for using a PawPrintsID Tag?

Nope. You pay $39.95 once and your pet is registered for life. No recurring fees. No hassles. Just peace of mind.

What if I lose my PawPrintsID Tag? How much is it to replace it?

The first replacement is free. A second replacement PawPrintsID Tag is $12.95.

How often can I change my information? Is there a charge?

As much as you like. We would never charge you to do this.

How often can I change my pet's information? Is there a charge?

As much as you like. We would never charge you to do this. However, after thirty (30) days your pet's name and sex become permanant and cannot be changed. Everything else about your pet can be changed as much as you like.

What is a QR code?

A QR or Quick Response code is a square, two-dimensional bar code that looks like this:

A QR or Quick Response code is a square, two-dimensional bar code that looks like this:

You’ve seen these odd blobs a lot lately in newspapers and magazines. QR codes are designed to provide more information about a product or service when scanned with smartphone with a QR reader.

How does my PawPrintsID tag work?

You create an unique profile for your pet on our web site that will include all the content and medical info that you want to provide. It’s kind of like a Facebook page for your animal. When your pet’s tag is scanned with a smartphone, your pet’s page will instantly appear on the phone - without any special equipment or readers. At the same time, you’ll get a text and an email within 30 seconds - 30 seconds - telling you that your pet’s tag has been scanned. And if the scanner’s phone is GPS-enabled, you’ll also get a Google map showing the exact location where your pal’s tag was scanned. Within minutes, you’ll be able to contact your pet’s rescuer and make arrangements to get your furry friend back home where it belongs.

What kind of information can I put into my pet’s profile?

All kinds. In addition to contact information, your pet’s profile can contain medical records, vaccination information, dietary and special health needs and alerts, AKC data, microchip info, likes and dislikes and more. PawPrintsID is more than a locator tag, it’s a whole system of information about your pet.

What if the rescuer doesn’t have a smart phone?

No problem. If they have any access to the Internet at all - like a computer - they can go to PawPrintsID.com, click on “Have You Found A PawPrintsID Pet,” and enter the tag number to access your contact information. Or call us toll free at 1-855-PAW-IDME and we’ll take it from there.

How do I create a PawPrintsID “Get Me Home” profile for each of my pets?

Purchase a tag from your vet, a reseller or order one online from us; go to our home page, click “Join” and you’re on your way.

What does a Rescue Page look like?

You can view one here.

Is a PawPrintsID Tag heavy?

No. They’re made of acrylic-coated aluminum and weigh no more than a traditional rabies tag.

My pet has been chipped, why do I need this?

When a chipped pet is found, the rescuer must transport the pet to a vet clinic or shelter where the chip can be read. Then the chip manufacturer must be contacted. Then owner is finally contacted by the chip manufacturer. All of this is burdensome on the rescuer and can take from four or five hours to four or five days to accomplish. By scanning a PawPrintsID tag, a rescuer can make contact with you in seconds and have your pet back to you in minutes. Chipping is still a good idea, but less as a first line of defense and more as a last resort.

Where can I get a free QR Code reader?

We have a page for that. Just click here.

I’m a veterinarian and I was wondering how I upload medical files for our patients? / How do I upload medical files for my pet?

We have a page for that. Just click here. We also have a video that walks you step-by-step through this here. The video is labeled How To: Getting Vet Records into PDF format.

I’ve got a couple more questions that weren’t covered here...

We’ve got answers. Just click here to contact us.

Do you have any videos that explain how the PawPrintsID System works?

We have multiple tutorial videos available that you can view here.