How much is a PawPrintsID Tag?

Each PawPrintsID Tag is $69.95.

Are there any monthly or annual fees or subscriptions with the PawPrintsID Tag?

Nope. You pay $69.95 once and your pet is registered for life. No on-going or recurring fees. No hidden costs. No hassles. Just peace of mind.

How does my PawPrintsID tag work?

Through the PawPrintsID website you are able to create an individual profile for each of your pets (which can be linked to 1 account). This profile includes important information about your pet. When your pet’s tag is scanned, your pet’s profile page is pulled up – without any need for special equipment or microchip readers. When this scan occurs, you instantly receive a text and email informing you that your pet’s tag has been scanned. If the phone that scanned the tag has their location services on, you will also see where the tag was scanned on a Google map. Within minutes you will be able to communicate with your pet’s rescuer for the return of your pet.

If the rescuer doesn’t have a smart phone, they can report a lost pet through our website or by calling our Free Call number.

What does a Rescue Page look like?

You can view one here.

My pet has been microchipped, why do I need this?

When a pet with a microchip is found, it is up the pet’s rescuer to get your pet to a local vet clinic or shelter so that the chip can be scanned. Then the chip manufacturer will be contacted, who in turn will contact you – and hopefully your contact details are up to date. This can be quite burdensome on the rescuer, and is usually a very time consuming endeavour, particularly if your pet is found on the weekend.

By having a PawPrintsID tag, your pet’s rescuer has 3 easy ways to get your lost pet found fast – scan the QR Code, go to the website or call the Free Call number. This makes it easier for the rescuer and a quicker result for you. We encourage owners to microchip their pets, but to understand that this is more a last resort, rather than a first line of defence.

How often can I change or update my information? Is there a charge?

We encourage you to keep your information always up to date. The great news is that we never charge you to do this.

How often can I change my pet's information? Is there a charge?

You can update information on your pet as often as you need or like to. PLEASE NOTE: Your pet’s name and sex do become permanent after the first 30 days, and cannot be changed after this time. However, everything else can be changed whenever you like.

What Kind of Information can I add to my pet’s profile?

The great thing is that PawPrintsID is more than just a locator Smart Tag, it is an entire system of information relating to your pet and your pet’s health. You can include medical records, vaccination information and reminders, any dietary or health requirements, breed related documents, microchip data and much more.

What if my pet’s rescuer doesn’t have a smart phone?

That’s one of the great things about the PawPrintsID tag, there is the QR Code which can be scanned by a smart phone. However, if that option is not available, the rescuer can make contact through our website or the Free Call number – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year.

What is a QR code?

The Quick Response Code or QR code is a square, two-dimensional bar code that appears like this:

QR codes are designed to provide more information about a product or service when scanned with smartphone with a QR reader.

Where can I get a free QR Code reader?

We have a page for that. Just click here.

How do I create a PawPrintsID profile for each of my pets?

Purchase a tag for each of your pets and then go to our website, go to the "Register" section and follow the prompts.

Is a PawPrintsID Tag heavy?

The tag an extremely durable, acrylic-coated aluminium and weigh no more than a traditional council tag. They are not heavy at all.

I’m a veterinarian and I was wondering how I upload medical files for our patients? / How do I upload medical files for my pet?

This can be easily achieved by going here. In addition to that, we also have a tutorial video that walks you step-by-step through the process, simply click here. The video is titled “How To: Getting Vet Records into PDF format”.

Do you have videos that help explain how the PawPrintsID System works?

We have a number of tutorial videos that you can view here.

What if I lose my PawPrintsID Tag? How much is it to replace it?

The first replacement is free. A second replacement PawPrintsID Tag is $29.00.

I’ve got a couple more questions that weren’t covered here...

We’ve got the answers. Just click here to contact us.