Video Tutorials

These are our video tutorial files so you can explore the different features of the system.


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01.  Overview of PawPrintsID Smart Tag System
02.  How to: Registering Your Tag
03.  How to: Updating Your Information
04.  How to: Updating Your Pets Image
05.  How to: Adjusting Your Privacy Settings
06.  How to: Enabling GPS Texting Alerts
07. How to: Getting Vet Records into PDF Format
08. How to: Uploading Your Pet's Medical Files
09. How to: Uploading Your Pet's X-Ray Files
10. How to: Introduction to Pocket Album
11. How to: Accessing Your Vet Code
12. How to: Introduction to Pet Tales
13. How to: Replacing a Lost Tag
14. How to: Sending Mail Inside PawPrintsID
15. How to: Creating a Lost Pet Poster